CSDO School System

After phasing out UNICEF from CAPP Project, CSDO has been sustaining the Project through Public Private Partnership with Punjab Education Foundation, Lahore. Currently, around 1000 gipsy, out of school, drop out, needy, poor and underprivileged children of the society and adolescents (around 60 % girls) are getting free of cost education in 7 schools established by CSDO in backward and slum areas of Sialkot. So far, hundreds of students have passed 5th and 8th grade exams.

Child Labour Elimination Programme

After phasing out ILO and UNICEF from Sialkot Soccer Ball Project, CSDO has been formed to continue Social Protection and Rehabilitation component of Sialkot Soccer Ball Project. Therefore, as part of its routine activities, CSDO facilitates SCCI in managing Child Labour Elimination Programme (CLEP) in Soccer ball Industry in Sialkot.

Training of Industrialist & Workers

An MOU has been signed between CSDO and PUNJAB EMERGENCY SERVICE (RESCUE 1122) SIALKOT to impart emergency evacuation, fire prevention & safety measures and first aid training to the industrial organization of Sialkot as well as to the educational and not for profit organizations.

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CSDO provides free of cost quality education to gypsy, needy, orphan, drop out, out of school & marginalized children of the society

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The Just giving charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds. Our upcoming event

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    President Message

    Our mission extends beyond the Charity and into the communities that we serve.

    I appreciate and acknowledge all members of CSDO, Office Bearers, SCCI, national and multinational NGOs, donors, local and international Philanthropists, all stake holders of our Projects and well-wishers who spent their time, money and intellect for the mutually benefit. CSDO has received immense appreciation at national and international level and it’s only due to remarkable achievements and collaboration with the well reputed agencies and individuals. As part of their CSR, our export oriented business community is playing vital role to run the projects of CSDO for the welfare of needy children and community of Sialkot. CSDO is an effective and credible platform to implement social development projects for the promotion and protection of child rights and to address social issues of the industry. I appeal to the industrialists of Sialkot to join CSDO for the noble cause for the welfare of children and betterment of the industries. The potential donors/ philanthropists may cooperate with CSDO to execute their Projects. Shahid Raza President, CSDO​

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